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When Mother Nature Plays a Trick…

When Mother Nature plays a trick on us, at least she keeps it beautiful!

Can you believe it looked like a winter wonderland this morning…the second day of April?

It was an amazing flocking of peaceful, beautiful whiteness. Scene’s like these come one in a while and somehow bring with them a sense of calm and gentleness.

When you compare this beauty to life, it truly is about keeping things beautiful and kind. Gentle and humble. The snow today had a humble feel, like it was an intruder in a world where it wasn’t welcome, maybe even misunderstood…but it’s beauty was without question as it stole the place of the leaves on the trees and covered the branches in white.

Do we view each other sometimes like a misunderstood guest? Do we look at others who are unlike us and wonder why the intrusion? Think about individuals who look different, speak differently, move sporadically or not at all. Are they like the unexpected snow, do you see the beauty? Do you act with kindness?

God brings about unexpected things in our lives to teach us to keep an open mind, to find the beauty, to live in the moment and to embrace the unexpected…to walk with grace and humbleness.

When you meet the people who live with us, those we serve…you will see the unexpected snowfall, the beauty in the heart and soul of who they are. On the outside they might be misunderstood, like the snow in April, but on the inside the beauty is bountiful. God created each one of us in a special way, individual and unique. Embrace the unexpected, like a snowfall in April!



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