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The latest news from Echoing Hills

A new journey for Keith and Sarah!

Echoing Hills of Central Ohio celebrated a new beginning for two amazing people who live with us. It’s been a year of courting before they took the plunge to spend their lives together. Keith and Sarah have both lived at Echoing Hills of Central Ohio for a number of years, but just a year ago they discovered they were much more than friends. Spending days together at Community Connections of Central Ohio helped them realize they wanted to always be together.

To say the bride looked stunning would be an understatement. Sarah looked radiant. Her beautiful choice of dress and amazing violet and light purple flowers were the perfect combination.

Keith was all smiles while he waited for his bride to show up…jokingly, Echoing Hills’ Chaplain told Keith he had about 10 seconds to change his mind and take off and Keith immediately responded…”I’m not going anywhere”!

The ceremony was perfect and the couple was glad to finally be Mr. and Mrs.

Friends and family gathered around the couple to share their best wishes and hugs. A small reception followed with casual food and a beautiful cake.

God designed each one of us for relationship and love. We all thrive in an environment of friendship, fellowship and communion with one another. Keith and Sarah can now say they will spend the their days in companionship, getting to know each other better and looking forward to the future.


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