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Time – A Precious Commodity!

Every second of every minute is precious to each of us. Our days are so full of the have to, need to and want to moments that before we know it, the day is gone.

But have we filled each moment with stuff that’s necessary or maybe, not so much. Protecting our time is up to us. There has to be a point when you step back and say, “I simply cannot do another thing”. It’s called the value of time.

How often do you find yourself wishing you were reading instead of hurrying off to another commitment that you really do not desire to keep? Do you find yourself cleaning house or washing the car when you really want to be taking a walk or playing piano? Because our time has been stuffed full of self-inflicted overflowing moments, it leaves no time for the enjoyable moments. You must protect your time.

It really is okay to say no! When you are meeting yourself coming and going, that’s a great time to ask, “is this necessary”? What is necessary? A doctor’s appointment would be on my necessary list. Taking on another speaking commitment when someone else changes their mind is not. But lookout, here comes the self-inflicted guilt! Don’t go there! Keep your commitments, limit those if you are feeling burned out, and let the rest go.

Each moment in time is special, precious and quickly fleeting. Life should not be filled with guilt and regret. It should be filled with happiness, peace and a healthy measure of giving back, but not giving all. When do you have time to recharge, renew and regenerate if you never stop moving or thinking.

Jesus found time to be alone, to talk with the heavenly Father and to find solace and peace so he could be helpful to others. Jesus had a full plate, but he still knew how to be peaceful. Read the story of Martha and Mary, Jesus tried to tell Martha to stop fussing and complaining and just sit and be peaceful. We are a distracted society, much to our undoing.

Have you saved time today to do something wonderful? Have you learned to protect your time? It’s TIME you do!

Be peaceful, seek solitude once in a while, take care of your mind, body and spirit. You’ll find better physical and mental health along the way.

Love. Learn. Worship.

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