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When the Unthinkable Happens!

On May 27, 2019 the unthinkable happened! But the miracle and blessing is that we suffered no injuries or loss of life.

You probably heard about the severe weather that hit the Dayton area this past Memorial Day, May 27, 2019. Two of our Echoing Hills locations, Echoing Woods and echoingU were hit by tornadoes and sustained heavy damage in what the media is calling a record breaking weather event in Southwest Ohio. President and CEO, Tim Neville said the common topic among staff and those who live at Woods was how God sent angels to protect everyone. The tornado that hit Echoing Woods should have leveled the building, but instead it hit the front and deflected up and damaged the roof and roof structure. Everyone inside was completely safe. No injuries or loss of life. An undisputed miracle!

What do you do when a building is damaged, power is out and you have people to protect? Well the staff at Echoing Woods got every person loaded into what vehicles were left operational and moved all 32 people to Echoing Valley. Our Valley location did not have structural damage, but was dealing with electric and water issues. Even with limited power and water, everyone was cared for, calmed and kept safe!

echoingU sustained heavy damage and lost all vehicles. Thankfully, because of the holiday and the time of day, no one was in the building at the time the tornado hit. For many, the disruption of the school schedule as well as the living arrangements, have been big challenges. It is sometimes difficult to deal with change, but a temporary location for echoingU was secured and classes resumed June 3rd. It will be different for a short time, but everyone will adjust. Hopefully, as repairs continue, it won’t be too long until everyone is moved back into familiar surroundings and the echoingU building will be repaired and operational again.

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