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Welcome Mark Snyder

Welcome Mark Snyder!

Mark is Echoing Hills’ new Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer. Bringing over 25 years of professional experience to the role, Mark is ready to make a difference at Echoing Hills. Bringing over 25 years of professional experience to the role, Mark is ready to make a difference at Echoing Hills.

“My role is to help the organization to be good stewards of the funds entrusted to us,” shares Mark. “I am eager to do that while helping others make sense of often confusing financial information.”

Professional Life

Mark has spent his entire professional career working in the field of finance. He began as a Staff Accountant, serving in other roles, including; Financial Analyst, Plant Controller, Director, Chief Financial Officer, and Principal.

There is a reason Mark stays in this line of work.
“I once had a college professor say, ‘accounting is the language of business; however, not everyone speaks it,’” recalls Mark. “I speak this language and enjoy helping make confusing information easier to understand for others.”

Before joining Echoing Hills, Mark worked at one other non-profit. Serving as the interim CFO for the Akron area YMCA, he had a positive experience.

“It was my first time working for a non-profit, and I was impressed,” says Mark. “They were mission-driven and passionate about investing in their people. It is the same way I feel about Echoing Hills.”

What is Mark excited about in his new role?
“I look forward to connecting with people across the regions, providing information that can help others make good decisions.”

Personal Life

Mark and his wife, Sarah, have been married for 23 years. Together, they have three children, Ethan, Caleb, and Aaron. They enjoy spending time together and supporting each other in their various activities – tennis, snowboarding, plays, and musicals.

As a family, they also enjoy traveling.

“We are road warriors. We enjoy driving as part of our vacations,” says Mark. “In 2019, we took three weeks and drove 7,000 miles for a trip out west. We went to Denver, Jackson Hole, Flagstaff, San Antonio, and a few more cities. It was a great trip!”

When you ask Mark about his hobbies, he’s likely to share it involves whatever his sons are into at that time. However, when not cheering on his children, you can find Mark enjoying his favorite hobby, cooking.

“I like to BBQ and grill,” shares Mark. “I currently love using my Blackstone. Here lately, we have been enjoying making Chinese food on it.”

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