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Donor Spotlight – David and Evelyn Ellenwood

Donor Spotlight – David and Evelyn Ellenwood
Bringing Love to Service and Generosity

David and Evelyn Ellenwood met later in life, marrying in 2006. When you talk with them, one-word surfaces immediately – love! You feel their love for God, one another, and their families. You also feel their heart for being of service to others. It is safe to say this fruit of the spirit has guided their steps in life and generosity.

In 2011, David and Evelyn were ready to start a business together. They threw around several different ideas before selecting the right option.

One day, David recommended starting an in-home care agency for older adults. By fate, there was a class on the subject in California that Evelyn was looking into at that same time. They knew they had landed where God was directing them. It was then that Sunny Days In-Home Care came to life.

In the beginning, David was the first caregiver for the organization. He worked during the day getting the business started. Then, each night, he provided care for a family friend. This schedule happened for 30 days straight. Although tiring, David is grateful for this experience.

“I was able to be there for someone who needed me,” says David. “It also affirmed for us that God was going to provide a path forward for our fledgling business and that He was in it.”

Starting as a small business Sunny Days has grown to over 1,000 employees. The Lord has blessed the Ellenwood’s business, and they want to bless others.

“We believe that our success came from God, and it came for a reason. To share with those in need,” David shares.

Over a year ago, David and Evelyn started making regular gifts to Echoing Hills. They first learned about the organization as David’s daughter, Erin, works in HR at the corporate office.

“Erin loves her job and the mission of Echoing Hills,” Evelyn says. “Two things prompted David and me to begin giving to the organization. First, the core of your program is to teach the love of God. To teach and lead others to a relationship with Jesus. These acts are of the utmost importance to me.”

The second reason is the individuals Echoing Hills serves.

“I consider myself privileged beyond words to be my darling grandson’s Meema. He was born with Down syndrome. My grandson brings such joy through his unending supply of love, and he gives it with no reserve. Echoing Hills is enabling others to feel that same excitement.”

The Ellenwoods encourage others to give generously too. As David says, “The return on your giving is eternal.”

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