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Echoing Hills DSP Awarded EFOHCA Scholarship

Marsha Tyhurst is a Direct Support Professional. Working at Echoing Hills for eight years, she most loves working with the individuals we serve. Marsha values the ability to get to know the individuals and enjoys talking and joking with those she supports.

Throughout the years, she has looked for ways to expand her knowledge and experience. “I have always wanted to continue to help those I serve; however, I was also looking for a way to grow with Echoing Hills,” shares Tyhurst.

This past January, she took steps to do just that.

Enrolled at Central Ohio Technical College (COTC), Marsha is taking courses to complete her LPN. She shares everyone has been supportive of her decision to continue her education. Marsha especially enjoys the daily encouragement she receives from one individual served, Jeff, and appreciates the nurses she works with willing to answer questions that come up.
“I think it is great that Marsha is continuing her education,” shares Program Director Jackie Householder, “She works full-time, attends nursing school, and is a full-time mom to four children. Marsha’s drive blows my mind.”

In March, Marsha saw a work email that caught her eye. The email contained information on applying for a scholarship through the Educational Foundation of Ohio Health Care Association (EFOHCA).

The EFOHCA provides scholarships to foster careers within the long-term care industry. Since established in 1989, EFOHCA has awarded over $2.2 million in scholarships to over 1000 individuals. Marsha is now a part of those numbers.

Receiving notification in May that she was selected, Marsha received the second-highest scholarship awarded by the EFOHCA.

“I was shocked, happy, and ecstatic all at once,” says Tyhurst, “I was wondering how I would pay for the rest of my education, and this blessing came.” Proof that sometimes you must rely on faith alone.

Marsha will graduate in December of this year. She looks forward to celebrating the big day over dinner with her family and is excited to grow within her career at Echoing Hills.

When asked what she would say to others considering going back to school, Tyhurst shares, “It has been over 30 years since I was last in school. It can be scary, but I encourage you to do it!”

And for those considering working in the field of developmental disabilities? “It is rewarding,” says Tyhurst, “you would like it.”

Love. Learn. Worship.

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