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Michala – Funny, Caring, Adventurous

Michala – Funny, Caring, Adventurous
Brings Joy, and Sometimes Dogs, to Echoing Hills

Meet Michala

Michala is the Lead DSP at the Harner Home, a part of Echoing Hills Community Living of Southeast Ohio. She has been with the organization for eight years; however, Echoing Hills has always been a part of her life.

My mom has worked for Echoing Hills for over 20 years. I grew up here,” shares Michala. “When I was younger, I would pretend to be sick so I could go to work with her. The girls in the kitchen would give me hot chocolate.”

Today, you can find Michala joyfully making a difference in her position. She provides personal care for those she serves; looks for opportunities to get individuals out into the community; completes activities that keep the home clean and going; and makes the schedule for the staff.

In three words, Michala would describe the job as difficult (but not), rewarding, and fun. Echoing Hills feels like home to her and is where she feels comfortable. The individuals she serves and the people she works with keep her here.

“Those I serve and work beside are like family,” Michala says. “The individuals are very welcoming and want me there. They ask about me when I’m not there. I sometimes come in with my dogs on my days off.”

Michala enjoys being active with those she serves and experiencing new things together. Two of her favorite adventures have been attending Tecumseh and a Toby Mac concert.

When not working, you can find Michala spending time with her fiancé, Jake, or paddle boarding on the lake. Being a huge animal lover, you can also find her loving her two horses (Gypsy and Cliff), two dogs (Indy and Duke), and two cats (Harry and Bobby).

More About Michala

Things Michala enjoys. Pasta, the color blue, dogs and horses, christmas. she loves that she is not micromanaged at work and can make decisions.



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