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Northern Ohio Welcomes New Regional Director

Northern Ohio Welcomes New Regional Director
Adam Brings Compassion and Kindness to His New Role

In March 2023, Adam Ketchesin began his new role as Echoing Hills’ Regional Director for Northern Ohio. Adam describes the role as educational, supportive, and evolving.

Professional Life

Majoring in Psychology, Adam brings career experience built on what he learned in school. He has served as a Case Manager on the Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team in San Diego. In addition, he managed a residential care center and an acute mental illness facility. In his different roles, Adam frequently served individuals with developmental disabilities that also had a second diagnoses.

“Often, individuals we serve have more than one diagnosis,” Adam says. “By understanding the whole picture, we can better provide services that assist the person to live a happy and enriched life while reaching their goals.”

Adam first learned about Echoing Hills when he moved to Ohio to be closer to his father. Seeing an online ad, Adam was immediately interested in learning more.

“I was first drawn to the mission and the population it serves,” recalls Adam. “I was ready to be immersed again in the field, especially as it would be my first opportunity to serve in a faith-based ministry.” Adam, new Regional Director at Echoing Hills, smiling with a group of team members.

Starting as a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) two years ago confirmed Adam’s first impressions. He shares Echoing Hills is the first organization he has worked for that is so active with those they serve. There is great emphasis on direct care, education, skill development, and assisting individuals to get into their communities. The last part is something Adam is very passionate about.

“I grew up with a family member that had a developmental disability. I am driven to advocate for a population often not recognized by the community.”

What is Adam looking forward to in his new position?

“I look forward to maintaining what is great about the culture while also moving it to the future,” Adam shares. “To create partnerships with schools to introduce a new program allowing early introductions to the DD field and to break down barriers and stigmas. We serve some incredible people at Echoing Hills, and I want to expand societal views on this population.”

Adam shown smiling with people living at Echoing Hills Northern Ohio.

Personal Life

When not busy working, you can find Adam reading, playing golf, or cooking (chicken marsala is his specialty). Visiting close to forty states and traveling around Europe, Adam also likes new adventures.

“I enjoy seeing new places and experiencing new cultures,” says Adam. “I would love to go to Paris next.”

Love. Learn. Worship.

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